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Rifle stocks and the variations used in fly

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Hi fly shooters

Asking for a list of current/common stocks used in fly

If we could list make, model and whether it is a purpose built fly gun or used across multiple disciplines.

Maybe a short description of why it is your preference 


Might just keep it to light gun stocks for now. 


Dave Z

Topic starter Posted : 25 May 2023 8:55 pm
Michael Bell
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Hi Dave,

Iv'e had a few of the usual suspects..PPC Kelbly stocks with 8 twist barrels..an SG&Y BRX stock,(also short range but with a 30 cal barrel) Russ Le Maitre custom made me a beautiful "Heavy" gun stock of his own design which I treasure but don't use much as I struggle to carry it down my narrow staircase.

I always seem to come back to my favourite of all time design which is the ST 1000 by Bill Shehane...

There are various versions available including a close version by Rob V who can make a very straight one with just a phone call.


That's me but there are lots available now!!




Posted : 30 May 2023 6:32 pm