Fly Shooter

Australia’s Premier Mid-range Benchrest Competition

Why are So Many Shooters Joining The Fly?

The Fly Shoot is a precision Benchrest rifle competition run at ranges across the country by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA).

Successful Fly Shooting is a combination of a shooter’s technical ability to tune the rifle, their ability to read the flags and environment and maintain the presence of mind to make good shooting decisions over the course of five, 7-minute target details.

The reduced physicality of Benchrest shooting positions it as one of the uniquely few sports where all participants young and old genuinely compete on a completely level playing field, while at the same time using the most competitive and accurate rifles and equipment available.

But most shooters agree though, the Fly is just so much fun to shoot! With a great balance of highly competitive spirit matched by an even higher level of camaraderie, the greats of our sport will gladly share their expertise with novices and the community.

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Competition Ranges

The Fly shoot is Run at several ranges around the country in 5 different states

Shooter Of The Year

You must attend at least 4 matches over 3 different ranges to be eligible for SOTY over a shooting season. Find out how it is calculated and the current results here.


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Our Community

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