2023 Fly Shoot Nationals


05 May 2023 – Eagle Park Range Victoria

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    Event Program
    May 5th Fri Flag set up and practice.
    May 6th Sat 500m Light Gun – Start time dependent on the number of details. No later than 9.00am May 7th Sun 500m Heavy Gun – Start time dependent on the number of details. No later than 9.00am May 8th Mon 200m Rimfire – Start 8.30am Weigh in for Light Gun and Rimfire half an hour before start time.

    Event Nominations
    Nominations will officially open 4th April. All nominations are to be completed on the flyshooter.com.au website on this page. Each competitor must enter a separate nomination with all details filled out correctly.

    Limited to a maximum of 78 shooters per day. $50 per class. Juniors half price. Payable to Melbourne Benchrest Club on the first day of the event. Separate range fees payable at main office each day – $8.50

    The SSAA Fly Shoot Rulebook Number 2, 2023 will apply to this event.

    SSAA National Medals will be awarded in accordance with the Fly Shoot Rulebook

    Event Facilities
    Camping available at the range free of charge with showers and limited power. Friday – Monday Bruno’s café will open for breakfast and lunch.

    Event Contact:

    Nick Aagren: [email protected]