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Results of the 2023 Blue Heeler Classic

Saturday saw drizzle and a few patches of sunshine. There was enough variable breeze to keep it interesting. At the end of Saturday, the 500m results were


Light Gun

1st                          Eli Groves (Jnr)                  273.07

2nd                         Nick Aagren                       267.01

3rd                         Richard Lobb                     266.02

Small Group        Eli Groves (Jnr)                  1.247

High Target         Eli Groves (Jnr)                  59.04


Heavy Gun

1st                          Michael Bell                       275.06

2nd                         Paul Read                           271.04

3rd                         Grant Groves                     266.09

Small Group        Justin Everett                     1.339

High Target         Justin Everett                     59.02


1st place Junior was Eli Groves.

Overall 500m winner was Michael Bell who picked 1kg of ADI Powder


Some more rain for those changing flags to 300m for Sunday awaited us. Chappo had organised a smoked red and white meat feast with salads and potato bake that was very well received with the meat being devoured rather quickly. Even Vince, our Queensland meat connection, gave it the thumbs up which is high praise.


Sunday was the 80th Birthday of the shoots name sake, John Butts AKA the Blue Heeler himself


Sunday morning saw a few sore heads and some heavy fog that we couldn’t even see the 200 mounds. It cleared pretty quickly, and we were underway.


Custom Class

1st                          Grant Groves                     298.16

2nd                         Eli Groves (Jnr)                  296.08

3rd                         Tim Pavey                           295.13

Small Group        Richard Lobb                     0.717

High Target         Rim Pavey                          60.04

High Target score was shared across 3 targets by 2 shooters and had to be split by group size to determine a winner.


Factory Class

1st                          Matty Riches                     279.05

2nd                         Anthony Hall                     256.02

3rd                         Bruce Blacker                    255.02

Small Group        Greg Chapman                  1.301    

High Target         Anthony Hall                     59.02

1st place Junior  Eli Groves with 296.08

Grant Groves was the overall 300m winner who picked up 1kg of ADI powder.


Presentations saw the fly patches handed out the following winners.

1st           2 Day Aggregate                              Eli Groves            569.15

2nd          2 Day Aggregate                              Grant Groves      564.24

3rd          3 Day Aggregate                              Michael Bell        564.14


Eli Took out the major prize of an IBI 27 inch Spiral Fluted 6mm 1:8 twist Barrel.

Two lucky entrants both picked up 1kg of ADI Powder as lucky door prizes. Two of volunteers took home $50 Bunnings voucher. Congrats to Rob Baird (Target Crew captain) and Neil Russell (data entry).

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who worked tirelessly before, during and after the match to make it such a big success.


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