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Bullet seating

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Hi all, 


may be a dumb question but what’s the best/preferred seating for projectiles with regards to the boat tail vs neck/shoulder junction. Best to have it the boat tail out past it in the neck or from experience no real life difference? 


Topic starter Posted : 22 May 2023 5:14 pm
Michael Bell
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G'day Kip,

Conventional wisdom suggests you keep the "boat tail/shank" junction of the projectile well out from the neck/shoulder junction of the case.

Kinda depends on the intended purpose of the rifle though. If you're gut shooting Roos from 100 meters I doubt it's anything like the most important aspect, (probably more important to have the rounds comfortably feeding from the magazine)....if your using a purpose built target rifle in serious competition then it is something to consider. The main reason will be to avoid pushing the projectile down into the "donut" area that can sometimes (but not always) develop in the case. 

If you choose a projectile and find you can't seat it out of this area it's most likely because the freebore area of the barrel chamber isn't long enough to allow this.......I'm probably digressing from the question though as this is whole other subject.



Posted : 25 May 2023 8:14 am
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@belly cheers mate 


spot on what I was after. It’s for my fly rifle in my 284. Finding when I’m seating the projectiles it’s fine till hits the donut then sorta “pops” in the rest of the way. Only having this issue since using the Lapua projectile so I’m thinking I may need to extend the freebore out for this projectile. 

cant let you guys have it too easy at the top ahaha 🤣 

Topic starter Posted : 25 May 2023 8:30 am