200yd and 300m

2024 Beretta Special Shoot


Satuday 13th April 2024

Cool Prizes on Offer

Ok Guys and girls we’ve got something a little different coming up April which should get everyone excited.

Batemans Bay range will be hosting a Beretta sponsored modified fly event which will include 3 centrefire targets at 300m and 3 rimfire targets at 200yd.

There will be 2 classes being factory gun and Custom/target rifle. We think this is a great way for all hunters and novice target shooters to bring their favourite rifles and get involved with a fly shoot without having to worry about precision needed for 500m shooting.

There are some terrific prizes for winners in each category but the main prize which is a Burris red dot sight, will be done as a lucky door so everyone of all skill levels are eligible for the win.

We have an emphasis on FUN for the event so we will keep the rules pretty simple as follows:

Factory Gun: Any rifle with its original action and barrel in any calibre up to .30 Cal. The only exception is a rifle that was originally manufactured with intent to be a competition target rifle of any nature. No stocks intended for benchrest competition.

Custom: Simply, any other rifle that does not meet the criteria of being a factory rifle. This will mostly include rifles with custom actions, barrels and stocks.

There are no weight limits, no scope magnification limits and you’re welcome to use tuners in any category you want. This event will be single feed only ie you cannot load your magazine before the course of fire.

Due to the close proximity of benches, muzzle brakes are not be permitted in competition.

If you shoot 1 custom gun and 1 factory gun you will be entered as custom.

If you are really unsure if your rifle meets factory specification then shoot us a message and we will let you know, otherwise a simple kangaroo court among competitors before we commence will sort it out pretty quick 🙂

Flags: You can set out up to 2 wind flags if you wish. In the interest of saving time, flags are to be placed in the ground where you can see them with the naked eye and they do not interfere with other competitors targets. When we switch from 200yd to 300m there will be a short 25 minute session for flag adjustment just to ensure no 300m targets are obstructed by flags.


Friday 12th April– Bench draw available online
Saturday 13th April– Flag setup until NLT 08:45am
– Match Brief
– Rimfire commences @9:00am Sharp
– Quick Flag change 10:45 ish
– Centrefire from 11am ish
– Lunch, presentations, prizes around 1pm ish


  • $50 Bucks to enter – Includes your lunch, cold drinks etc
  • You must nominate via the form on this page. All individuals must create a separate entry submission
  • You can enter either custom or factory not both. 1 Class per competitor


Several Prizes have been donated by Beretta including:

  • Burris RT1 red dot sight
  • TRACKR Electronic Earmuffs
  • Sako Cleaning mats
  • Beretta rifle/shotgun bag
  • 30 Beretta goodie bags

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